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Correlated Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes air fresheners, fabric fresheners and deodorizers. Most products come in multiple container sizes. Additional product information, pricing and shipping options can be obtained by contacting a Correlated Products, Inc. sales representative at 1-800-428-3266.


CINNAMON air freshener is a specially formulated aerosol, designed to eliminate offensive odors in the air without wet fallout. It fights odors trapped in all kinds of fabrics such as carpeting, upholstery and draperies without staining.

Available: Case/12


DEO-GRAN GRANULAR DEODORANT ABSORBER is a granulated deodorant that neutralizes and controls offensive odors and dries up excess moisture.

DEO-GRAN is used to deodorize garbage cans, trash heaps, disposal trucks, etc. It is most effectively used immediately after refuse cans have been emptied or after disposal truck has been unloaded.

Available: 50# containers


FRESH AIRE is a multi-purpose air sanitizer and deodorizer. As an air sanitizer, FRESH AIRE effective kills odor causing bacteria, cleansing the air you breath. As a deodorant, this next-generation odor counteractant system, FRESH AIRE chemically bonds with malodor molecules, destroying the odor source instead of just covering or masking it. FRESH AIRE comes in a 10 oz. point and spray aerosol as well as an 8.2 oz. packaged for universal wall-mount metered dispensers.

Odors from mildew, smoke, vomit, feces, urine and putrescence emitting from garbage receptacles, diaper pails, sinks, drains, toilets, urinals and more, are effectively eliminated with this product. FRESH AIRE is excellent for control of even the toughest odors such as animal odors from veterinary clinics, kennels, litter boxes, and pet waste disposal areas. Post-fire odors including cigar/cigarette smoke treatment as well as protein decomposition odors from garbage, fisheries and other challenging sources will also effectively treated with this product.

Available: Cases/12 or 24
10 oz. Point & Spray or 8.2 oz. Metered Spray (fits universal dispensers)


FRESH is a unique odor counteractant that effectively controls most malodors as it disperses a pleasant odor of its own to refresh the air.

FRESH is used to control odors in commercial airplanes, hotels, locker rooms, gym and athletic facilities, nursing homes and hospitals.

Available: 5, 15, 30, 55 gallons
Fresh glycol based odor counteractant


CPI ODOR COUNTERACTANT (WATER SOLUBLE) provides a professional, foolproof method of removing obnoxious odors guarantees fast action and elimination of odor control problems encountered daily from fires, smoke, refuse, bacteria, sickness, animals, mold, decay, food stuffs, oil spills, sewer backup, chemical odors, garbage cans, sewage disposal and many other offensive forms of air pollution.

CPI ODOR COUNTERACTANT can be added to rinse water or cleaning solutions for deodorizing rooms, walls, windows laundry, carpet shampoo solutions, washroom cleaner, air conditioning vents, for us in homes, motels, hotels, apartments, resorts, dormitories, washrooms, morgues, auto repair shops, offices, auditoriums, arenas, convention halls, retail stores, dry cleaners, laundries, industrial plants, funeral parlors, nursing homes, hospitals, institutions, restaurants, pet rooms, zoos, kennels, and stables. Daily use of Odor Counteractant is recommended in areas where odors commonly develop.

Available: 5, 10, 15, 55 Gallons


STAPHASEPT HOSPITAL GRADE AEROSOL DISINFECTANT is a hospital disinfectant and deodorant. It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent for environmental surfaces. It is Virucidal, Bactericidal, Tuberculocidal and Fungicidal. Staphasept controls mold and mildew. It disinfects Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 and Type 2.

This powerful hospital strength disinfectant/deodorant acts quickly on germ-laden surfaces such as: toilet seats, urinals, metal beds and springs, refuse cans, telephones, laundry carts and chutes, wheel chairs, linen and dressing carts, door knobs and any areas or equipment where disinfectant is desired.

Available: Cases/12 or 24


THREE-GLY ODOR COUNTERACTANT is a unique deodorant that destroys odors by absorption and neutralization. THREE-GLY is designed specifically for use in mechanical fogging devices but can also be used with a trigger sprayer to deodorize rooms, carpets, drapes, upholstery, etc. THREE-GLY removes smoke and odors, and is non-staining and penetrates hard-to-reach areas.

THREE-GLY is used by Fire Departments, Hospitals, Motels, Nursing Homes, Schools, Industrial Plants, Office Buildings and more. THREE-GLY was specifically created for use by Fire Departments, to neutralize smoke odors after a fire.

Available: 5, 15, 30, 55 Gallons
Stainless Steel Cleaner from Correlated Products, Inc.


REFRESH is a quick breaking bio-enzymatic foam that penetrates porous surfaces to instantly deodorize and clean away malodors. As the treated area dries, a special biotechnology binds with the odor causing molecules and begins breaking them down into odorless compounds.

REFRESH Quickly and deeply deodorizes: Upholstery Cushions, Pillows, Carpet, Backing, Padding, Rugs, Drapes, Pet Areas, Infant Areas, Bedspreads, Pillows, Mattresses, Clothes Hampers, Diaper Pails and more!

Available: Case/12 or 24


STAY FRESH liquid malodor counteractant eliminates odors leaving behind a fresh, pleasant scent. This product may be utilized on a variety of surfaces, including drapes, carpets, upholstery, waste receptacle interiors, toilets and urinals. This product is used as a heavy-duty counteractant on HVAC ducts, carpets and spaces.

Use STAY FRESH for general odor elimination and counteracting odors. Stay Fresh combines the cost savings with all the conveniences of RTU. It counteracts the most pungent odors, will not harm fabrics, is effective as a RTU or concentrate, eliminates Cigarette and other smoke orders fast, may be atomized or applied directly to the odor source, and comes in an easy to use cartridge.

Available: 6 Pack Starter Kit
Refills of 12 or 24 Cartridges available

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